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I cofounded HappyFunCorp over 7 years ago, since then we've built over 170 different products. We've learned a lot.

This site is about the first steps of building an application, the very begining of projects. Technology for the Blank Page.

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Yes, No, Maybe, Dont Know, WTF

the limits of Binary Logic and the Importance of Forgetting

Boolean logic is the basis for how computers work — digital means ones and zeroes, and ones and zeros is another way of saying boolean logic. In this world things are either true or they are false, there is no maybe, no hesitant pause,no anxiety provoking second thoughts. This type of logic goes back to Aristotle with the “law of the excluded middle”. Here’s wikipedia weighing in:

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In the beginning...

Build something interesting. Build something fun. Build something people want.

Building new products is fun. It's a process of exploration, to see what you can make a computer do that is interesting to people. It's not just the technology itself, but getting things in front of people quickly.

This really isn't a software engineering exercise per se, though of course you need to understand how things work. It a rapid feature development exercise. How it works under the hood should be cobbled together out of existing components, slammed together with bubble gum and scotch tape, exploding at the edge cases, and in front of people in days, rather than an exegantly crafted cathedral that will be done any week now.

Lets talk about how, when trying to explore an idea from the start, you can do this quickly. We'll be talking in general about how to orient yourself to the different technologies, to learn which tools are good for which jobs. We'll be going in depth in a few things to learn how to effectively use the tools.

And we'll be playing around with some random stuff for no other reason than I think it's cool.



In which we go through step by step to achieve a particular goal.

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In which we cover a topic in depth to orient ourselves with the technology.

Latest: Slow data and Fast Sites


In which we cover product design as it relates to technology.

Latest: Why Engineers build crappy products


In which we cover a topic in depth to orient ourselves with the technology.

Latest: Using rake for dataflow programming and data science

Social Investigator

In which you follow along while I go through the process of building out a product in my spare time.

Latest: Pulling data out of Google Analytics

Ruby & Rails

In which we cover things around effectively using Ruby and Rails.

Latest: Receiving posted JSON with Sinatra

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