Inflight internet

go go go go

Dec 18, 2015

Say you are two people on a plane who need access to internet. A flight pass costs $9.95, so that would be $19.90 for both. Here's how to get it for $8.95 instead:

  • Fire up the iOS simulator.
  • Use the simulator to sign up for the mobile price of $8.95, rather than the computer price of $9.95. Since you are signing up on your computer, once you have access the whole machine has access.

  • Turn on Internet Sharing over bluetooth in system preferences

  • Make your computer discoverable over bluetooth by opening up the blue tooth preferences:
  • On the second computer, turn off wifi and turn on bluetooth. Connect to the first computer using bluetooth. The first computer will ask if you want to pair, and say yes.

  • Once it's connected, on the second computer say "Connect to Network" in the bluetooth menu.

  • Now you email in the sky.