About Me

Hi, I'm Will Schenk and I co-founded HappyFunCorp in 2009. We build software products for companies large and small. We've built hundreds.

When I'm not helping to run the company as the COO, I'm a software craftman in my spare time. This is my personal site where I document some of my findings wandering around the internet.

My wife and I have 3 children (currently all under the age of 5) and a dog, and live in Brooklyn, NY.

We are about to buy an RV. We have the RV.

Recent posts

Reverse engineering APIs using Chrome Developer Tools

its your data after all

Published May 1, 2019 #howto #chrome #api #scraping

I want to get a list of all of the podcast episodes that I’ve starred on PocketCasts. There’s no obvious way to export this from the application, and they don’t have a published interface. Lets look at hope to use chrome developer tools to figure out what the API is. We know that PocketCasts must have an API since it also has a mobile app – the code in the mobile app must talk to the code in the server using a format that computers understand, which is basically the definition of an API.

Reading time: about 12 minutes


Controlling IKEA Tradfri devices from your computer

IKEA is cheap and everywhere

Published April 24, 2019 #howto #zigbee #IKEA #node

I stumbled upon a fun blogpost about the Dumbass Home and it turned me onto the IKEA Tr√•dfri line of products. So I got a couple, and figured out how to control them from my laptop (or say a Raspberry PI) from node. Here’s how to do it.

Reading time: about 7 minutes


Playing with cabal

serverless code

Published April 23, 2019 #p2p #node #cabal

Cabal is a “experimental p2p community chat platform”. It’s fully distributed over the dat protocol. When you create a new chat area – something like a Slack – it allows anyone with the same key to post and view messages everywhere. When you post a message, everyone gets it and shares it with everyone else, so even when your computer drops off there will still be a coherent view of the data.

Reading time: about 8 minutes


Splitting Git Repos and Work Directories

all the fun things git can do

Published April 20, 2019 #howto #git #hugo

I found a tutorial on how to manage your dotfiles, that works by splitting up the git repository (normally the .git directory) from the work directory. Since I have a lot of code that I put in my tutorials, I adapted the technique to have individual article directories mirrored in their own github repository. Repositories and Work Directories The normal usage of git is to type git clone <remote> to get a copy of the local directory, mess with stuff, and then add and commit your changes.

Reading time: about 4 minutes


Setting up Indieweb Homepage

the dream of the nineties is alive on the indieweb

Published April 19, 2019 #howto #indieweb #p2p #microformats

Remember microformats? Me neither! Back when the web was open and we were trying to find ways to interconnect independent things? Let’s bring them back!

Reading time: about 2 minutes