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I cofounded HappyFunCorp in 2009. We do product engineering for individuals, startups, growing companies and established concerns. We’ve launched over 200 products. We’ve learned a lot. I’d like to share some of that here.

This site is about product engineering from the technology perspective and other things that I find interesting.

I have three children and a dog.

Recent posts

Implementing Serverless OAuth

for JAM Stacks and static sites

Published November 12, 2018 #howto #static_sites #functions #firebase

Most of the serverless platforms have their own forms of authentication, but it might not support the specific service that you are looking to use. Lets go through how we can build a react single page app, hosting on firebase, that talks to the unsplash service directly. It will be hosted on firebase stoage, and with a tiny bit of firebase functions to tie it together. How oauth works Here is the overall process:

Reading time: about 13 minutes


Adding Facebook Login with react

you can’t escape it

Published October 30, 2018 #howto #facebook #react

Sometimes you just can’t get away from facebook. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add facebook login to your react app. First you need to create a facebook app, which is an involved process especially if you want to let, you know, other people log in to your app. Getting your app approved and otherwise up and running here is left as an excersize for you to figure out.

Reading time: about 3 minutes


Automating hugo builds using CircleCI

Let someone else run your build server

Published October 29, 2018 #static_sites #hugo #howto

Here's a simple CircleCI configuration to pull down the latest version of your hugo site on GitHub commits, build it, and then push it to github pages.

Reading time: about 2 minutes


Adding a CMS to hugo

Static doesn’t mean dead

Published October 27, 2018 #hugo #howto #static_sites #netlify

Just because we have a static site doesn’t mean that we can’t have an admin tool to write and edit posts! Lets go through how we can add the NetlifyCMS to the site and host it wherever we want. In my case I’m storing the code on GitHub and also serving the pages from GitHub Pages. Netlify also seems like a really promising company with a number of other services that they offer, so I’d encourage you to check it out.

Reading time: about 3 minutes


Building a hugo site and theme with Bootstrap

hugo is blazing fast

Published October 21, 2018 #bootstrap #static_sites #tools #howto #hugo

Now that’s its 2018 its time to retool the blog using hugo. Why not? Hugo is built in golang and is blazing fast and everything is cleaner than it was in the middleman years. One of the reasons that I liked middleman – it’s usage of the rails’ Sprockets library – is no longer a strength. The javascript and front-end world has moved over to WebPack and I’ve personally moved over to create-react-app.

Reading time: about 17 minutes