About Me

Hi, I'm Will Schenk and I co-founded HappyFunCorp in 2009. We build software products for companies large and small. We've built hundreds.

When I'm not helping to run the company as the COO, I'm a software craftman in my spare time. This is my personal site where I document some of my findings wandering around the internet.

My wife and I have 3 children (currently all under the age of 5) and a dog, and live in Brooklyn, NY

We are about to buy an RV.

Recent posts

Controlling IKEA Tradfri devices from your computer

IKEA is cheap and everywhere

Published April 24, 2019 #howto #zigbee #IKEA #node

I stumbled upon a fun blogpost about the Dumbass Home and it turned me onto the IKEA Tr√•dfri line of products. So I got a couple, and figured out how to control them from my laptop (or say a Raspberry PI) from node. Here’s how to do it.

Reading time: about 7 minutes


Playing with cabal

serverless code

Published April 23, 2019 #p2p #node #cabal

Cabal is a “experimental p2p community chat platform”. It’s fully distributed over the dat protocol. When you create a new chat area – something like a Slack – it allows anyone with the same key to post and view messages everywhere. When you post a message, everyone gets it and shares it with everyone else, so even when your computer drops off there will still be a coherent view of the data.

Reading time: about 8 minutes


Splitting Git Repos and Work Directories

all the fun things git can do

Published April 20, 2019 #howto #git #hugo

I found a tutorial on how to manage your dotfiles, that works by splitting up the git repository (normally the .git directory) from the work directory. Since I have a lot of code that I put in my tutorials, I adapted the technique to have individual article directories mirrored in their own github repository. Repositories and Work Directories The normal usage of git is to type git clone <remote> to get a copy of the local directory, mess with stuff, and then add and commit your changes.

Reading time: about 4 minutes


Setting up Indieweb Homepage

the dream of the nineties is alive on the indieweb

Published April 19, 2019 #howto #indieweb #p2p #microformats

Remember microformats? Me neither! Back when the web was open and we were trying to find ways to interconnect independent things? Let’s bring them back!

Reading time: about 2 minutes


Easy scraping with httpie and jq

Pulling my GitHub starred repositories into Hugo

Published April 18, 2019 #howto #hugo #scraper #jq

I recently saw a tweet mentioning the combination of using HTTPie (a command line HTTP client), jq (a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor) and Gron (Make JSON greppable!) was “all you needed to build a scraper.” Lets see if that’s true.

Reading time: about 4 minutes