Run some vizualizations on a repo

Published March 31, 2021 #git, #cloc, #clocviz

I've been looking at small tools that we could combine together to get a better sense of a repository. clocviz is a nifty on that puts a front end on top of cloc, so I packaged up a docker container that lets you pass in a url and will generate some static html for you.

First we package up clocviz

We'll build this using go 1.16.2 and then install a few dependancies, specifically cloc, wget, and git.

FROM golang:1.16.2-buster

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y cloc wget git

RUN git clone clocviz
RUN cd clocviz && go get && go build

COPY *sh ./
RUN chmod +x *sh
RUN chmod 777 /app


Script to pull down the repo and generate the html

This script expects the REPO environment variable to be set to a URI that git can clone. It will pull down the repo, then run clocviz, and then scrape the html into the /output directory (presumably mounted as a volume.)


  if [ -d ${REPO_WORK_DIR} ]; then
     echo Using repo in ${REPO_WORK_DIR}
      if [ -z "$REPO" ]; then
          echo Please set the REPO env variable or mount ${REPO_WORK_DIR}
          exit 1

      git clone $REPO ${REPO_WORK_DIR}

  if [ ! -d ${WORK_DIR} ]; then
      echo Creating ${WORK_DIR}
      mkdir -p ${WORK_DIR}

  # clocviz serves static files from its filesystem, so we need to run it from there
  (cd /app/clocviz; clocviz $REPO_WORK_DIR &)

  cd $(mktemp -d)
  wget --recursive \
       --page-requisites \
       --convert-links \
       --no-parent \

   cp -r localhost:8080/* $WORK_DIR

Build the container

docker build . -t wschenk/clocviz

Do a run

  export REPO=
  mkdir -p output

  docker run --rm -it \
         -v $PWD/output:/output \
         --env REPO \
         -u $(id -u) \

Then test:

(cd output;npx live-server)


The output HTML needs a bit of work on smaller screens but that's pretty neat.



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