May 9Summarizing URLs with ChatGPT

save yourself some reading time

Jan 2Using ActiveRecord outside of rails

just the rake

activerecord, ruby
Dec 19Pulling avatars from slack

Basic bot integration

slack, nextjs, bot
Dec 19Running SQLite in the browser using NextJS

Why not?

sqlite, browser, nextjs
Dec 17Setting up digital ocean spaces to upload

Gotta work on my upload scrips

aws, s3, ruby, node, golang, deno, digitalocean
Dec 15Receiving CloudEvents with NextJS

One file to rule them all

nextjs, knative, cloudevents
Dec 13Setting up knative eventing

lets send some messages

knative, kubernetes, eventing
Dec 8NextJS with Prisma on Kubernetes

deploy as a knative service

nextjs, javascript, prisma, knative, kubernetes
Dec 1Serving a knative function on the root

root to services

kubernetes, knative, kourier
Nov 29Setting up knative

functions functions functions

kubernetes, helm, knative
Nov 28K8 Dashboard on Docker Desktop

what’s going on

kubernetes, docker
Nov 12Getting emacs working on OSX Monterey

security and permissions

emacs, osx, homebrew
Aug 30Wrapping a executable in a function

Easy function wrapping

openfaas, cli
Aug 22Uploading to S3 on the command line

throwing data into a bucket

bash, ruby, s3, spaces, curl
Jul 16Rails on Kubernetes with TLS


rails, kubernetes, terraform, github
Jul 13Setting up GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration

automating all of the things

github, actions, automation
Jun 2Deploying OpenFaaS on Digital Ocean with Terraform

Everything functional

openfaas, kubernetes, terraform, helm
May 15Controlling docker in golang

So meta

golang, docker
Apr 17SQL in Org-Mode

Everything in org-mode

emacs, sql, org-mode
Apr 15SQLite in the browser

pushing everything to the client

deno, sqlite, browser, static_sites, wasm
Apr 13Setting up emacs for typescript development

If we are going to bother with static types, might as well use them

emacs, typescript, tide
Mar 31CLOCViz

Run some vizualizations on a repo

git, cloc, clocviz
Mar 15Emacs Blog Writing and Navigation Mode

emacs and hugo sitting in a tree

emacs, hugo, elisp, tabulated-list-mode
Mar 13asdf as environment manager

so much faster

Mar 10Database Migrations

what should I do when not using rails

database, node, activerecord, golang
Feb 17Uploading Blobs

Simple datastore

docker, golang, effigy
Feb 12Building static OpenFaas templates

Packaging up the packager

openfaas, react, static_sites
Feb 11Interacting With Git via HTTP

Looking at git http traffic

Feb 8Installing faasd

cgi was good, serverless is better

serverless, openfaas
Nov 18Tailwind and Rails

postcss setup

rails, tailwind, postcss
Nov 17Rails in Docker

Why install ruby locally?

rails, docker, transient
Oct 26Release code diffs

What changes between releases

packagemangers, npm, bundler, git
Oct 13Looking at package.json

making sense of package-lock.json

node, npm, packagemanagers, git
Sep 4Looking at Gemfiles

making sense of Gemfile.lock

ruby, bundler, packagemanagers, git
Aug 28gitlog in sqlite

sql is great

git, sqlite
Aug 14Using Askgit

SQL is so nice

git, sql, tools
Jul 9Setting up SSB-Pub Server

and migrate your profile

scuttlebutt, p2p
Jun 26Checking health of RSS feeds

Lets clean out the old stuff

ruby, rss
Jun 17Using Syncthing

who needs servers

p2p syncthing
Jun 16Developing React Inside Docker

Clean up after your mess

javascript docker transient
Jun 6Beginning Emacs

Rediscovering emacs

emacs, javascript, floss
Mar 1Emacs Tramp tricks

Replacing terminals with emacs

emacs tramp docker
Feb 19Making charts with VueJS and no tooling

Static files all the way

vuejs static_sites
Feb 1Playing with tailwindcss

An excersize in minimilism

Jan 23Template to setup a linode server with DNS and HTTPS

use terraform to coordinate stuff

scripting terraform linode dns
Dec 24Terraform and Packer with Digital Ocean

Automate all the things

terraform packer devops
Dec 10Computer Setup Script

Setup Linux or Chromebook quickly

linux osx automation chromebook
Sep 7Setting up an IPFS Node

using docker-compose and certbot

ipfs, docker, docker-compose, certbot
Aug 2Using Org Mode in Hugo

emacs everywhere

emacs, hugo
Jul 25Installing guix on IntelNUC

using the hardware you have, even if we are nonfree

freesoftware guix docker
May 1Reverse engineering APIs using Chrome Developer Tools

its your data after all

chrome api scraping
Apr 24Controlling IKEA Tradfri devices from your computer

IKEA is cheap and everywhere

zigbee IKEA node
Apr 23Playing with cabal

serverless code

p2p node cabal
Apr 19Setting up Indieweb Homepage

the dream of the nineties is alive on the indieweb

indieweb p2p microformats
Apr 18Easy scraping with httpie and jq

Pulling my GitHub starred repositories into Hugo

hugo scraping api jq
Apr 7Bootstrapping a react app

with bootstrap and font awesome

react bootstrap javascript
Mar 30Setting up a chromebook for development

Documenting my steps

chromebook docker
Jan 7Setting up IPFS on a chromebook

Connecting to the world

ipfs chromebook
Nov 23Image Manipulation in Firebase

its all javascript

firebase javascript images
Nov 12Implementing Serverless OAuth

for JAM Stacks and static sites

static_sites functions firebase
Oct 30Adding Facebook Login with react

you can’t escape it

facebook react
Oct 27Adding a CMS to hugo

Static doesn’t mean dead

hugo static_sites netlify
Oct 21Building a hugo site and theme with Bootstrap

hugo is blazing fast

bootstrap static_sites tools hugo
Dec 5Authenticated routes using react-router

an expirement

Dec 4Styling and theming with material-ui: React + Material Design


react material-design
Nov 29Styling and theming with rmwc: React + Material Design

material design

react material-design
Nov 15Writing code on a chromebook

a phone-like laptop

Oct 27Save your Medium articles to your computer in markdown

sync everything

howto medium
Sep 17Using seed to explore APIs

overview of what we’re working on and how to explore apis

happy_seed rails github rake
Jul 30Building a GUI for managing middleman blogs

the site will still be fast, really fast

middleman static_sites react
Jun 7Adding search to a middleman blog

slightly simplier than google

middleman ruby
Jan 23Setting up Rails testing with rspec, devise, and the gang

so much fun

rails happy_seed testing ruby
Jan 16Setting up Devise with Twitter and Facebook and other Omniauth schemes without email addresses

Connect connect connect

rails oauth happy_seed ruby
Dec 19Using rake for dataflow programming and data science

Rake it like’s hot

ruby tools rake data
Dec 17Building Middleman Extensions

make middleman more awesome

middleman ruby
Dec 7Dateslice: Writing rails extensions

adding date group_by to ActiveRecord

rails ruby sql
Dec 4Pulling data out of Google Analytics

see who’s talking about your stuff

socialinvestigator ruby googleanalytics
Nov 25Building Sites with Middleman

lean publishing

middleman ruby
Nov 20Scripting Twitter: Collecting Data and Writing Bots

adding another client to socialinvestigator

ruby socialinvestigator bots
Nov 14Personal information from only a URL

what can automated tools find out

ruby socialinvestigator
Nov 8Making a command line utility with gems and thor

Any excuse to the use the phrase “Hammer of the Gods”

ruby thor socialinvestigator
Nov 3Bootstrap: Advanced Grid Tricks

You really should be defining your own classes

bootstrap tools