Apr 6Using lastpass from CLI or script

better than keeping files around

cli lastpass
Jan 2Snowpack for fast builds

react and tailwind too

snowpack, react, tailwind
May 19Sending files with wormhole

tools I didn’t know

tools, wormhole
Apr 15Bootstrapping React with Tailwind

as so I remember

react, tailwind
Mar 5Installing emacs on buster

so many ways to get software

emacs, debian, flatpak
Feb 22Setting up redis and nat-connector with FaasD

Storage for your functions

redis, nats, openfaas
Feb 12Docker One Liners

Why install

Jan 22Logging with an HTTP Proxy

Simple MITM debugging

proxy, debugging
Nov 22rails uuid primary key

Slightly more obscure

rails, uuid, postgres
Jul 30Getting Websters

More glorious language

emacs, howto, language
Jun 28Upgrading emacs on debian

fixing crashes

emacs, debian
Jun 15Simple CORS workaround for local development

Keep is Simple

javascript, cors, static_sites
Jun 5IPFS and Fuse

the worlds data in your filesystem

ipfs fuse howto
Jun 3Playing with deno

Rethinking package managers

deno typescript javascript
Apr 28Book Image Shortcode for Hugo

Lets link to bookshop

Mar 2Styling tables with Hugo

Markdown sometimes isn’t enough

bootstrap hugo
Jan 31Styling Hugo Diffs

Showing just what you changed

Apr 20Splitting Git Repos and Work Directories

all the fun things git can do

howto git hugo
Apr 9Building a slimmer go Docker container

All we need is the binary

docker golang
Oct 29Automating hugo builds using CircleCI

Let someone else run your build server

static_sites hugo
Dec 10Getting firebase and grpc working under termux

tilting at windmills

Jul 11Deploying ActionCable on Heroku with Sidekiq

you’re gonna need a bigger redis

rails heroku sidekiq
Jul 27Receiving posted JSON with Sinatra

small tricks to make things easier

ruby sinatra toys
Jul 25Bower with Rails

Javascript dependancies and sprockets

javascript rails
May 20OSX Script for Kiosk Mode

make your own screen saver

osx toys gaze
Dec 13Middleman Tricks and Hacks

specific tricks I used to build this site

middleman ruby
Nov 28New HappySeed released

now with even more awesome

happy_seed ruby
Nov 16Embedding 3d models on your page

Github is awesome

Nov 7Making Yosemite Faster

something is up with WindowServer