This post is very old and contains obsolete information.

Make apps faster

Head on over to the HappySeed website to get the latest version of HappyFunCorp’s starter application toolkit.

HappySeed is a set of application templates to help you get started building out new sites. The main section is a rails application template plus a set of rails generators to help you get started with rails appliations quickly. These generators setup the configuration of the application in a standard way, and the full set of generators include many things for setting up a modern rails app and well as middleman apps.

You can update your command line tools by doing

$ gem install happy_seed

And then create rails apps, plugins, engines, and middleman static sites using the new happy_seed tool.

Rails sites

$ happy_seed rails app_name

Read rails documentation

Rails Plugins

$ happy_seed plugin plugin_name

Read plug-in documentation

Rails Engines

$ happy_seed engine engine_name

Read engine documentation

Middleman Static Sites

$ happy_seed static static_site
$ happy_seed static_blog static_site

Read static documentation

Get that code

Head on over to github to check it out!

Image Credit: consciouslife news