Download Ollama

Go to and then get the zip for your platform.

Double click, and install the cli.

Test it out on the command line

  ollama --version

ollama version is 0.1.27

Run gemma

  ollama run gemma:2b

That's all there is to it!

Other models are available of course, lets have 7b write us a sonnet:

  ollama run gemma:7b " Write me a sonnet about a bumblebee"
A fuzzy ball of gold, a worker's art,
A bumblebee, a silent heart.
With wings that flit, and pollen bound,
It journeys through, with grace profound.

The flowers bloom, a symphony of scent,
And bees dance, a dance of intent.
With nectar sweet, they gather their prize,
And spread their wealth across the skies.

The honey flows, a golden stream,
A treasure born of passion and dream.
A gift from bees, a sweetness found,
In every spoonful, joy is found.

So let us cherish these creatures of grace,
For in their work, a beauty finds place.
A bumblebee, a humble art,
A gift to us, a heart of gold.

Looking at images

gemma doesn't yet seem to be able to look a local images, or at least it's not clear how to make ollama let it do that. But we can use another model to see what it says. Here's this picture:


  ollama run llava "tell me what do you see in this picture? \
The image shows a group of people, likely family members, 
peering through an open window or hatch in the interior of a
building. It appears to be a home setting, possibly in a loft
area given the structure of the wall with a wooden panel. The
children are on the top bunk, looking down at the adult
standing in the doorway below them. They seem to be curious
about their surroundings, and the adult is looking up at them
with an expression that might suggest they've been caught or
asked to come back inside. The environment looks cozy and
lived-in, suggesting a family moment captured candidly. 



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